Choose the Best Pet Shampoo Manufacturer to Build your Brand

The global pet care market is poised to reach $202 billion by 2025. Experts attribute the rise in popularity to several factors, including rapid technological advancement and a burgeoning market for premium pet care products. And as long as the demand for quality pet care products increases, businesses will continue to look for a leading pet shampoo manufacturer for industry solutions. 

Unified Solutions for Cleaning is pleased to introduce competitively priced pet care products made to meet the highest standards. Our complete turnkey pet shampoo manufacturing services offer industry-leading formulations and perfect packaging combinations to meet all your pet care product needs. 

Below we will outline the benefits of a successful pet shampoo manufacturing partnership and explain what it takes to create a successful [and scalable] custom dog shampoo brand in a competitive market landscape like today. 

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How to build a strong contract manufacturing pet shampoo brand

We’ve been in this business for more than twenty years and have helped thousands of companies launch successful brands. So, rather than jumping right in, we suggest taking the time to develop a unique pet care product that can effectively penetrate the market. Below, our pet care experts will outline what your business should consider when implementing an effective pet shampoo manufacturing strategy.

What should a business consider before selecting a pet shampoo manufacturing service?

  1. Consider if a custom formulation package is a good fit for your brand of pet shampoo. For a brand to be successful, your product needs to stand out. This is where our twenty years of experience starts doing the talking. 
  1. The design, color, shape, and size of a pet shampoo product are all essential factors to consider. To help your brand stand out, it’s vital that you take the time to strategize your contract packaging and filling options carefully. 
  1. Has efficient research and development about custom pet shampoo been carried out? To locate the most rewarding market niche, a company must be fully aware of what the competition has to offer. This is why Unified Solutions for Cleaning employs a large team of brilliant market researchers and innovative certified chemists. 
  1. Will your finished product meet all FDA requirements? Overlooking the importance of this step could be devastating for your business. That’s why we ensure ALL our formulas meet FDA standards. No matter what.

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What we do: 

Contract Packaging

Full turnkey Contract Packaging service from mixing & filling to product delivery.

Private Label

Complete turnkey Private Label service from label design, printing to product delivery.

Custom Formulation

Unified Solutions can formulate a product to solve a specific cleaning issue. Click here to read more about our custom formulation services. 

Commercial Cleaning Supplies

With our brands Horizon™ & Sanit™, we offer our own complete line of products.


With a state of the art Lab, our chemists work round the clock, perfecting our product. Read more about our laboratory here

Quality Control

Our dedicated quality control team checks every mix for imperfections.

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