Contract Packaging, End-to-End Supply of Commercial Cleaning Products

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Unified Solutions for Cleaning offers world-class, contract packaging commercial cleaning products with a wide range of benefits for your business and clients. We got you covered whether you are looking for contract packagingcommercial cleaning materials, or even custom formulation and branding!

Companies are prioritizing clean workspaces. prioritizing clean workspaces and people are noticing. 

As the world ups its collective commitment to cleaning and personal care, more people need cleaning products. 

The demand for effective cleaning, personal care, pet, sanitizing, and other goods has massively increased worldwide. Unified Solutions For Cleanings primary operation is the fast creation, filling, packaging, labeling, and delivery of materials. We do all that but work with you in the process to create private label and contract or “co-packing” goods for you. 

Beyond Contract Packaging

To address your specific cleaning needs, Unified Solutions For Cleaning has a lab on-site to custom blend state-of-the-art, function-specific cleaning materials. Part of the end-to-end cleaning products creation is the service of our staff. We work with you, inquiring on the specifics of your operations and the nature of your facility. This can affect your volume needs and the packaging type as much as knowing the surface material being cleaned. 

We are headquartered in New Jersey but we proudly serve all 50 states. 

Inquiry to Delivery with Variety

USC serves all verticals. Our contract packaging has three concentrations.

  • Household products:
  • Personal care products (shampoos, soaps): 
  • Pet needs: 

As a nationwide company, USC can deliver a high-volume need while keeping the premium quality that anyone would want for their own home, their personal care, and their pets. 

The process starts with the inquiry to our HQ. A project lead will work through the process. Mixing the components, determining the best containers, rapid filling, microscopically precise label design with application, and top-level quality control. We ensure solid compliance. 

“Full-Service”, “Turnkey”, What Does that Mean?

If your company, agency, or organization needs household, pet, or personal care items, Unified Solutions For Cleaning can take delegation of a task. We consult, follow up and deliver. Down to the fragrance and the label placement of your items, USC has delivered contract packaging needs. This is a hand-off operation for you. 

The labs and nationwide plant locations are just part of our singular efficiency among the cleaning goods industry.

  • Mixing
  • Filling 
  • Labeling
  • Packaging 

These are bigger needs, but we get into the granulars too. One example: container sizes range from full-size barrels to eight-ounce bottles and even smaller. 

We Have Very Likely Served Your Sector 

A 21st-century company, Unified Solutions For Cleaning supplies businesses, but also industrial and institutional groups. We create custom manufacturer cleaning solutions for the following (and many more)

  • Hospitality
  • Cleaning
  • Real-estate
  • Medical Facilities
  • Office
  • Automotive
  • Hospitals and Medical Facilities

The 21st-century share economy also means mutual business arrangements. We also perform toll manufacturing. 


Concentrated or otherwise, USC creates co-packaging but much more: the best, onsite-lab-engineered products inside that package, for these tasks.


Efficiency, Science, Volume, Client-Specific Needs

Unified Solutions For Cleaning has the right formulation from industry-leading turn-around time, personal leads, labs and customizations, to provide you with the ideal solutions in contract packaging and more. Contact us today! 

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