Five Benefits of Private Label Household Cleaners: A Beginner’s Guide

Unified Solutions for Cleaning offers world-class, private-label household cleaners with a wide range of benefits for your business and clients. We got you covered whether you are looking for contract packaging, commercial cleaning materials, or even custom formulation and branding!

Below, we will provide a clear definition of private label product marketing before highlighting three benefits of private label household cleaning products. 

What are private label products?

Private label products refer to items manufactured by one entity yet sold (and branded) under another company. Simply put, a private label product has YOUR name on it, even though an outside party made it. This means there is no need to invest in product development, even if you want to sell goods online. In fact, If you are a business owner looking to launch your own brand, this is likely one of the most effective business models to build upon. 

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Three benefits of private label household cleaner products

The benefits of a private label household cleaner structure are vast. This includes complete control over the final product and pricing and the chance to provide specific instruction regarding quality, material, and price. Below, we will break down all three advantages in detail. 

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Benefit #1: Increased profit margin

Private label household cleaner products are usually less expensive than national brands. So, when a company decides to utilize a private label structure, they are given the chance to operate at a reduced cost. This allows customers to access superior household cleaning products, but at a fraction of the price. 

Benefit #2: More control over production, price, and marketing

When small retailers can adapt quickly and modify household cleaning products any way they want, it’s much easier to locate a niche in the market. In other words, a private label structure provides adaptability due to increased control over production, price, and marketing. 

Benefit #3: Unlimited brand potential 

Creating a strong brand identity takes time and a private label arrangement will give you all the tools you need to build a loyal customer base in the household cleaner sector. When customers realize your brand offers better cleaning products for a lower price, they will stick with you through the long haul. 

Private label marketing vs. white label marketing: Three things to consider

  1. White label products are manufactured for multiple retailers, while private labels are produced ONLY for your brand. 
  1. Retailers can’t make changes to white label products, whereas private label marketing gives retailers the chance to develop an exclusive brand. 
  1. Although private label household cleaning products take more effort to produce, they make for a better way to diversify your brand and marketing strategy. 

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