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The Reigning Of Cats And Dogs

Happy it is to hear the clickety click-click of four paws prancing across laminate, tile, or hardwood flooring.  Pleased also to view the contentment of a shelter-rescued pooch stretched out on the recliner, sofa, or a dog bed, and delighted to listen for the splishing and a splashing of water lapping from a water bowl! Such is the joy a dog or cat brings to a household!  Along with joy, of course, there comes the responsibility of ensuring dog and cat get the hygiene care necessary to keep their coats shiny and bodies strong. Unified Solutions For Cleaning, Pet Products Manufacturer, supports that responsibility by producing shampoo, brighteners, conditioners, and spray solutions to add luster to the ‘dog’s life’ and make ‘purr‘-fect the nine lives of the family cat. Another aspect of Unified Solutions For Cleaning is understanding the practical needs of ‘the master’ of the home, with cleaning supplies that neutralize odors on pet beds, sofa, and recliners and stain removal solutions for hard floors, carpets, and upholstery.

Market Overview

A Cision newswire of April 2021 unleashed the facts uncovered by Arizton Advisory & Intelligence marketing firm with regards to the U.S. pet grooming service marketplace:

  • Market size for pet grooming is projected to reach revenues of 6 billion U.S. dollars by 2026.
  • The U.S. Bureau of Labor reports there are 103,996 pet grooming businesses presently in operation in the USA and that this industry shows a growth rate of over 8%. Salon pet grooming is the prime revenue generator.
  • Revenue from the U.S. pet industry expanded from 95 billion in 2019 to 99 billion in 2020.
  • The dog marketplace alone is projected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of over 5% and generate 3 billion U.S. dollars in the forecast period of 2020 to 2026.
  • The marketplace for cat grooming is also projected to have a CAGR growth of over 5% during the
    2020 – 2026 forecast period.

Challenges For a Pet Product Manufacturer

The challenge that presents itself to Pet Product Manufacturers of dog shampoos and other dog cleaning products is the understanding of a dog’s skin vs. that of a human’s skin.  The skin of ‘man’s best friend’ provides protection, a sense of touch, and regulates temperature. For these reasons, the use of sulfates, parabens, phosphates, synthetic dyes, or fragrant perfumes should never be part of the ingredients of dog shampoos, conditioners, or shine solutions — nor is human shampoo appropriate for the skin of a canine! The use of human shampoo on a canine’s skin can disrupt the thin layer of skin, called the mantle, of the uppermost skin layer. Should this thin layer be breached, it opens the possibility of bacterial infections and a propensity towards parasites, viruses, dry skin, and skin flakiness.

Pet product manufacturers need to keep in mind how the mixture is to be used. For grooming purposes, the product is not subject to FDA regulation. If, however, the shampoo is intended for therapeutic purposes, such as flea control, it is imperative to adhere to FDA regulations.

Happy Tails Bring Happy Sales

The key to continually ‘ringing up’ happy sales with the American consumer of pet cleaning products is simply providing quality results that show on their beloved family member with the happy wagging tail — Fido, Fluffy, or Fifi!  Achieving that quality result requires a close working relationship between the business supplier, whose hand is nearest to the ‘pulse’ of their customer’s needs, and those who know the ‘how to’ of efficient, end-to-end product production processes. In business terminology: such a working relationship is known as supply chain collaboration.

The prime benefits of such supply chain collaboration:

Lower Production Cost with Value: The two-fold benefit of collaborating with a turnkey pet product manufacturer, such as Unified Solutions For Cleaning, is access to a knowledgeable production team trained in technical and automated production processes. The business value of production efficiency is the second benefit. A one-source product manufacturer providing the creation, filling, labeling, storage, and delivery of the product to the buyer market. You will be delighted when seeing your customers ‘sit up’ and take notice of the product quality and competitive pricing of your business’ brand label over the well-advertised brand-name label. 

Loyalty: We won’t greet you at the door with newspaper and slippers, as do those loyal pets well served by our product formulations. We can assure the development of trust with us, your pet product manufacturer. The latter to ‘walk at the heel’ (in lock-step) regarding the quality, quantity, and delivery you expect for your business.

Inventory Volume Control: With the partnership of a third-party pet product manufacturer, the business supplier need not ‘bury’ excess stock in costly storage facilities. Product production is in accord with our client’s need as per market data on product sales. Product profit is then better utilized by spending on marketing, product improvement, and new pet product innovations to meet the unique needs of those households with furry ‘tail wagging’ family members!

Business Growth: Retail stores and distributors working with third-party pet product manufacturers, employing the expertise of certified chemists, will not only grow their business through the trust of their pet product with the 76 million American dog and cat households,* but will also see business growth through the gain of sharing the fiscal expenses of procurement of raw material, and enhanced software to speed the overall production operation. The growth via word-of-mouth referrals of new business distribution channels and growth through access to new ideas communicated by the manufacturer partner regarding product sales, marketing, and financial opportunities. (*Stats on dog/cat households according to the AVMA, American Veterinary Medical Association.)

Private Label And Contract Packaging              

With the dog and cat loved as any other family member, retailers or business supply distributors who want to focus time and energy on marketing a quality pet product would benefit from private labeling the formulas Unified Solutions For Cleaning offers.  Consider also the benefit of contract packaging if you have a specialty formula you wish created without the personal expense of the manufacturing process.

Unified Solutions For Cleaning, serving retailers and supply distributors since 2005, is a turnkey chemical manufacturer.  Choose from thousands of product formulas already researched, developed, and licensed. Consider customization, private label, or contract packaging services — whatever fits your business needs and satisfies your customer market: school cleaning, household cleaning, institutional cleaning, commercial, industrial cleaning, and pet cleaning product solutions.

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