Private Label Carpet Cleaning Options

Grow Your Unique Company’s Name

Branding is increasingly tied to marketplace success. Logo, name, and even color in your brand play a part in people remembering a company name. 

Unified Solutions for Cleaning produces a trio of carpet solutions developed in our own labs to give private label carpet cleaning options. Our filling and labeling are by-client: we have project leads, invested people in our company, who will walk through labeling and filling options, and specs.

When a carpet cleaning product produces results good enough that someone will remember just how clean a carpet is, your company on the bottle (or bucket, or barrel, see below) is serious advertising mileage.

On-site Labs, Starting Point of Expert Quality

Getting the carpet clean and keeping it that way is different, as is treating high-traffic areas versus the spans along the baseboard. Unified Solutions For Cleaning considered the best-practices of professional carpet-cleaners in developing our signature, private-lab-team-developed formula products.

  • Rug Extraction shampoo: fast-acting, low-suds blend, surface-concentrated blend to get it clean. Concentrated means just that: 1 oz. per gallon of water for normal soil level. Experienced carpet-cleaners will tell you the simplest solution you can get for carpet cleansers is often the best. We have designed ours to be simple enough to use with both steam cleaning and water extraction devices.
  • Spot Away: specialized contact formula for areas that stand out
  • Fast 99: everyone likes cleaning when it’s fast; Fast 99 is a precise cleanser that is ideal for a maintenance cleaner solution to carpets


Label Design, All-Sizes Filling, and Boomerang-Fast Turnaround

The branding on the label is the start. We create and supply private label products helping you develop the right message and imaging. The precision automation of our filling and labeling will leave a clean, crisp signal on the container about your company.

There are four standard sizes of containers for our carpet cleaners.

  • quart
  • gallon
  • 5-gallon bucket
  • 15-55 gallon barrel

Unified Solutions For Cleaning is ready to go once your specs are determined: we’re known for rapid turn-arounds made possible by different locations throughout the US.

Sizing Up a Quality Cleaning Product

Not many contract packaging or private label firms, especially private label carpet cleaning products, can offer volume, speed, label design, and individualized project leads. USC knows that you come to us expecting an expert creation, project development, and delivery. And we take that seriously.

End-to-end provision of individualized, private-labeling carpet cleaning solutions with fast turnaround.

If you’re looking to build a branding presence, we can provide effective custom needs for this and much more! Contact Us Today.

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