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Nationally recognized Unified Solutions For Cleaning is a leading manufacturer and supplier of private-label cleaning products for various industries. 



Unified Solutions For Cleaning Contract packaging

Choose Your

Choose your products based on your needs. From floor cleaners to shampoo, we are capable of manufacturing at a large capacity.

Unified Solutions For Cleaning Private Label

Your Brand &
Label Design

Either provide your own label designs or work with our marketing team and have them create labels for you!

Unified Solutions For Cleaning Contract packaging

Filling &

Once you have chosen the products you need and are satisfied with the labels, we will begin the filling and packaging process at our facilities.


Private Label

A private-label cleaning product is manufactured by a third-party manufacturer and sold under your retail or distributor brand name. As the retailer or distributor, you specify everything about the product or products – what goes in it, how it’s packaged, what the label looks like – and pay to have it produced and delivered to you.

Unified Solutions For Cleaning Contract Packaging
Unified Solutions For Cleaning Contract Filling


Why Choose Us

Mixing, Filling, & Labeling

Unified Solutions For Cleaning has the capacity to mix, fill & label products on a large scale & at an extremely fast rate.

Quality Control

Utilizing the latest technologies such as labels placed by laser and induction sealing. We guarantee top notch quality and compliance so you can pass that on to your customers

Fast Turnaround

We have curated a well-polished & efficient system over many years in the business giving us the ability for unheard of turnaround times in the private label industry


Some of our specialties

Commercial Cleaning Products

Competitively priced commercial cleaning products available for private label made to meet the highest standards.

Household Cleaning Products

Competitively priced Household cleaning Products available for private label made to meet the highest standards.

Personal Care

Innovative personal care products available for private label made to the highest standards.


Our Products

Unified Solutions For Cleanings has over 150 innovative custom formulations. Our unique, flexible packaging options, brand marketing tools, and our philosophy of understanding your business strategy give you a competitive advantage to grow your business.


Frequently Asked Questions

We can begin filling orders for in-house cleaning chemical products within 48 hours. Orders requiring custom formulas can be filled as quickly as one week. 

We fill many order sizes including totes, barrels, 5-and 1-gallon buckets, quarts, and even eight-ounce bottles.

Absolutely. Customers come to us with a wide range of demands. We may get a request to source a particular type of bottle, or even a label. Both of which we are happy to accommodate.

At Unified Solutions For Cleaning our main focus is on the customers  satisfaction of the products we manufacture for them. If a client isn’t happy with what we manufacture for them than we have not just failed the customer we have failed ourselves as well and take it very serious. Our goal isn’t to just get your product out to you as fast as possible but equally as important is that the product we do get to you meets your satisfaction 100%

After we have received your order details wait for one of our projects leads to contact you regarding ingredients, quantity, labels, etc.  Contact us>>

For most of our clients, the primary advantage of contract filling with our company is that we manage the quality control process. We also oversee the storage and ensure your product is adequately taken care of before it is shipped. This means our team is responsible for mixing, testing, filling, and packaging your products, so you don’t have to. 

  • Contract Packaging: Full turnkey Contract Packaging service from mixing & filling to product delivery.
  • Private Label: Full turnkey Private Label service from label design, printing, to product delivery.
  • Custom Formulation: Unified Solutions can formulate a product to solve a specific cleaning issue. Click here to read more about our custom formulation services. 
  • Commercial Cleaning Supplies: With our brands Horizon™ & Sanit™ we offer our full line of products.
  • Laboratory: With a state of the art Lab, our chemists work round the clock perfecting our product. 
  • Quality Control: Our dedicated quality control team checks every mix for imperfections
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