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School cleaning Products manufacturer

Refresh, Renew, Rejuvenate 

After a long year of shuttered schools for the reason of protecting children and teachers from the infamous Coronavirus pandemic, America is eagerly anticipating the return of those golden-yellow school busses rolling into school parking lots and young children leaping zealously from the busses in a single bound! School administrators and teachers are standing at the ready for the charge into those long, locker-lined, shiny tiled hallways with the surrounding glistening glass classroom doors — eager to teach the three R’s of reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic that have formed the foundation of education for generations!

Unified Solutions For Cleaning, school cleaning products manufacturer, salute all administrators and teachers who do the daily dutiful work of bringing the 3Rs — the reading, the ‘riting’ and the ‘rithmetic to shine in young minds!  Equally essential to clear heads in the K-12 school system are the 3 R’s of refresh, renew, and rejuvenate — where chalk dust flies, sneaker-clad feet tread, and hands and fingers of every size and description push, pull, and touch doors, doorknobs, lunch tables, restroom sinks, restroom stalls, and doors, and drinking fountains!

Cleaning Standards For Schools

There has yet to come a ‘set in stone’ standard for eliminating millions of ‘tiny’ germs, known as microbes, that are in the air one breathes, in the soil, in water, and on every surface imaginable — including in one’s body. Fortunately, the human body has a magnificent, complex immune system that springs to action when a bacterial or viral microbe enters the body and attempts to multiply and damage healthy cells that can bring about infectious disease.

The general standard for health-conscious schools is to minimize, as much as possible, those millions of microbes that fly through the air with the greatest of ease through effective cleaning!  The key to unlocking such cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting is with the various cleaning formulas found within the janitorial supply room and purchased from a school cleaning products manufacturer, as Unified Solutions For Cleaning.

Defining Terms

It is vital to understand the difference between cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing to efficiently use the multipurpose cleaners, carpet cleaners, restroom cleaners, glass cleaners, and oven cleaners purchased from a school cleaning products manufacturer:

Cleaning: Cleaning performed daily will reduce the germs and significantly lower the risk of infectious diseases. While school is actively in session, using the typical ingredients of alkalies, detergents, acids, abrasives, sanitizers, and spirit solvents, which comprise cleaning product formulas, is the safest cleaning method to remove dirt, dust, and grit while also wiping away the germs that grow in the dirty, dusty, gritty surfaces. A spirit solvent removes oily dirt and is found in polishes and waxes used for wood furniture and floors. 

Disinfecting: Bear in mind that disinfecting surfaces has little effect when surfaces are dirty and dusty. Cleaning the dirt and dust first is a must before disinfecting. Disinfectants are comprised of antimicrobial formulas with anti-bacterial agents such as chlorine bleach, alcohol, pine oil, phenolic compounds, and quaternary ammonium chlorides. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) states that antimicrobial disinfectants will kill viruses and bacteria. Proper disinfecting requires leaving the disinfectant on the cleaned surface for the time designated on the label, then rinsing with water and drying. Disinfectants are to be used in areas at high risk for virus and bacteria growth.

Sanitizing: According to the EPA, sanitizing surfaces will reduce bacterial germs but not virus germs. The benefit of sanitizers rather than disinfectants is that sanitizing solutions do not need to remain on surfaces as long as disinfectants. Hand sanitizers are usually 60 percent alcohol-based and acceptable for public health as they kill 99.99 percent of germs.

Applying The Terms To Remove Germs

With the cleaning terms understood, a school cleaning products manufacturer, such as Unified Solutions For Cleaning, with expertise in the chemical compounds that create a cleaning product, can explain where to apply the cleaning terms to reduce or kill germs in a school building. The first piece of advice of any competent chemical manufacturer: read the label and follow instructions explicitly for optimum success.

Cleaning: Clean the dirt and dust brought in daily from outside to hallways and staircases and reduce the germs with a multi-purpose cleaner. Use a carpet cleaner for the rugs found in the school office and administration offices. Keep the glass of classroom doors, windows, and mirrors in locker rooms shining and free of dust with glass cleaners. Don’t forget to clean the stovetops and ovens in the cafeteria with an oven and grill cleaning formula, Keep the cooking utensils, pots, and pans, and eating utensils sanitary with Unified Solution dish detergent formulas.

Use the school breaks for spring, winter, and summer recess as the time to do a deep clean of disinfecting and polishing of the tiled halls, walls, staircases, and stair railings. Strip the hallway tile and stair rails of built-up polish and rejuvenate anew with United Solutions For Cleaning floor stripper.  Polish and refresh with our Ultra floor finish.

Sanitizers: Surfaces that get touched or used often by many require sanitizing formulas. Cleaning and sanitizing is necessary for school desktops and chairs, computer keyboards, phone receivers, office countertops, playground or gym sports equipment, doors and doorknobs, and cafeteria countertops and tabletops.

Disinfectants: While school is in session, use those potent disinfectants cautiously and only in high-risk areas notorious for spreading infectious germs. Disinfect the nurse’s office, restroom floors, sinks and faucets, locker rooms, stall showers in locker rooms and elevators. Elevator cleaning and disinfecting require those who are specially trained in elevator servicing.

ISSA, International Sanitary Supply Association, has noted that school administrators are becoming more conscious of the hazards cleaning solutions can pose to students, teachers, and maintenance personnel working directly with cleaning formulas. Many school administrators seek the partnership of distributors working in collaboration with a school cleaning products manufacturer as Unified Solutions for Cleaning, who sell cleaning products and explain the power of the ingredients listed on the label to the distributors.

Private Labeling

Unified Solutions For Cleaning has thousands of private-label cleaning products, some of which we mentioned in our blog today. Our certified chemists are also only too happy to create custom formulas to fit the unique cleaning need of any school. Ask about our private label service for your institution. Learn with Unified Solutions For Cleaning, well versed in the 3Rs of refreshing, renewing, and rejuvenating industry and institutions since 2005!

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