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Filling More Than Tubs, Totes, And Bottles

Unified Solutions For Cleaning, America’s ‘go-to’ chemical manufacturer for cleaning product solutions, stands at the ready to contract fill, store, and ship the specialty cleaning products created by another product manufacturing company. Our 35,000 square foot contract filling company, located in Hillside, NJ, fills more than totes, barrels, five and one-gallon buckets, and various size bottles of products that strip, wax, polish, and shine walls and floors in commercial offices and schools! We are more than a contract fill company providing products that scour and scrub the sinks, tubs, and countertops of over 100 million housing units nationwide or filling those pet cleaning needs making fur shine and putting a smile on the face of Fluffy and Fido! Unified Solutions For Cleaning, accessible to NJ routes 22, 24, 78, 80, the Garden State Parkway, and 3.5 miles from Newark Liberty International Airport, fills more than cleaning product solutions for our more than 3,000 steady, satisfied customers since opening our doors in 2005! Unified Solutions For Cleaning is a chemical manufacturing company that fills our clients with trust that their products will be of the same quality as they would adhere to if doing the manufacturing themselves!


Why Use Contract Filling?

A contract filling company, such as Unified Solutions For Cleaning, is the best solution for businesses with limited budgets that hinder their ability to bring their product formula to market for lack of the modern technological manufacturing equipment required, a large manufacturing facility, and trained personnel to produce large volume output to a ‘hungry’ consumer! Unified Solutions For Cleaning is the answer to small, midsize, or large cleaning product suppliers, enabling them to increase their production volume and profit margin, essential in today’s current economic environment! Hiring an outside contract filling company allows businesses to focus on their core business strengths of product marketing, invoicing, and new and improved cleaning product innovations. Our in-house lab technicians are more than happy to assist our contract fill clients in researching and developing new, patented cleaning product formulas.


Consistency And Efficiency Essential For Contract Filling Companies

When seeking a quality contract filling company, consistency and efficiency in product production is a must! In a previous blog article, The P’s and Q’s Of The Best Contract Filling Companies, we provided a general list of five ‘p’s’ to a perfectly produced product: production technology, product quality, personnel training, project success, and personal testimonials! These essentials for ‘perfection’ are achieved by Unified Solutions For Cleaning because of strict adherence to manufacturing protocols and procedures set forth by the EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, and one of the reasons for being listed in the ‘queue’ of best contract fill companies by Thomasnet.com. The protocols and procedures include:

  • Providing an SDS or MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) information sheet to product users, consistent with what ingredients are listed on the product label. An MSDS information sheet is a user-friendly,
    16-section document to guide workers handling hazardous chemicals.
  • Ensure the production floor is clean, free of clutter, and strictly follows electrical safety procedures. The production equipment should have efficient engineering controls, such as filters, to prevent chemical contamination and keep the workplace adequately ventilated.
  • Hazard Communications strictly enforced, including posting warning signs near dangerous equipment, reactions, or conditions. Personal protective equipment/uniforms provided when needed when entering the facility, labeling all containers, keeping all containers closed, except when in use, especially hazardous waste containers, and safe chemical waste disposal according to the EPA regulations.
  • Continual personnel training in handling such emergency procedures as cleaning chemical spills, and having such emergency equipment on the production floor as telephones, first aid kits, fire alarm pull stations, and fire extinguishers.

Maintaining consistency and efficiency in the above makes Unified Solutions For Cleaning a leader in cleaning product manufacturing and why clients trust us as a contract filling company, toll manufacturing company, and private label manufacturer


Expect Respect With Unified Solutions For Cleaning

When part of a contract fill agreement with Unified Solutions For Cleaning, our clients can expect not only consistency and efficiency of carrying out chemical manufacturing procedure and protocol in all regulations as prescribed by state, federal, EPA, and OSHA laws, but also:

  • Strict adherence to the written product formula provided.
  • Quick turn-around out to the marketplace.
  • Open communication by a quality control technician assigned to your project of the product’s production status and any difficulties that may arise in the manufacturing process.
  • An in-house marketing team and graphic designer to assist with package and label design.
  • A warehouse facility for product storage and shipping to any location in the United States.
  • Expect not ‘just’ a contract filling company, but a ‘partner’ capable of guiding you and your cleaning product through the ‘red tape’ of filing for FDA approval and licensing as well as continual filings to keep your product in good standing with the FDA.

Contact Unified Solutions For Cleaning to arrange a day and time to tour our modern chemical manufacturing facility and see first hand the technological equipment used that produces a wide range of quality cleaning products 24 hours a day!

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