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Unified Solutions For Cleaning is a chemical industry leader in manufacturing various chemical cleaning solutions for institutional, industrial, wholesale distributorships, and retail cleaning products. Our 35,000 square foot manufacturing facility is conveniently located in central New Jersey at 3 Evans Terminal Road, Hillside. We work ’round the clock’ to ensure clients are 100% satisfied with our in-house, ‘turnkey’ production processes — which include product formulation through high-speed production packaging, filling, and laser labeling of 25,000 gallons of products daily! Among our many product production demands is the personal care item of private label hand soap, the best means to protect against germs! Also included in our services is product storage and shipping.

Hand Soap Market Demand

According to the market research firm of Fortune Business Insight, the global hand wash market size was 3.29 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. We hand you no ‘soft soap’ — the global soap marketplace forecast in U.S. dollars growth is a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.6% between 2021 and 2028.  The exceptionally high demand for soap, especially in the household market, is because of the public’s heightened awareness of hygiene ethics in a pandemic.

Brand Label Vs. Private Label Hand Soaps

We defined the benefits of private labeling in a previous blog, What Are Private Label Cleaning Products. Retailers and wholesale distributors, beset by ever-increasing costs to stock these well-known and
well-advertised brand name products, endure slimmer profit margins after paying the expenses of local, state, and federal taxes, rent or mortgage, employee payroll, business insurance, store utilities, security, and store advertising. 

Soap manufacturing requires specific considerations as to whether a product can be defined as soap, a cosmetic product, or a drug product. The definition of soap goes beyond those creative advertising taglines.  Taglines as: ‘99.44 pure’, ‘It Floats,’ ‘Fresh And Clean As A Whistle’, ‘Not Fully Clean, Unless Zestfully Clean’, or Moisturizing Beauty Bar. The U.S. Food And Drug Administration (FDA) defines what constitutes a soap product. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regulates the manufacture of soap products.

The FDA criteria for defining a product as soap:

The product must be composed of fats and oils (tallow) and an alkali substance such as lye — these ingredients on the soap label allow the product to be sold as soap. If marketed as a skin moisturizer, scented fragrance, or deodorizing the body, the FDA defines such products as cosmetic products. When cleansing hand soap or body wash is marketed to kill germs, treat such skin conditions as acne or eczema, it is defined as a drug product — however, the word ‘soap’ can be on the label. Dare to compare the label of the popular name brand soaps with private label hand soap.

According to Fortune Business Insight, brand name ‘simple’ soaps are getting more costly to manufacture even as the soap market is experiencing much growth. The reason for the rise in the cost of soap is logical: Competition!

The price stability of simple soap made of animal or vegetable fats and lye; sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide, and the low-cost fillers giving soap its bulk and weight — are being hampered by brand name soap manufacturers needing to differentiate their brands from competitor’s brands through the adding of other components to soap. These components include colorants, fragrances, fragrance-free soaps, moisturizers, and vitamins. Additional competition in the soap marketplace is the inclusion of handcrafted soaps, body washes, and shower gels. Greater competition leads brand name soap manufacturers to more advertising — increasing product cost. Consider the alternative — with Unified Solutions For Cleaning, private label hand soap manufacturer. The product quality of our soaps speak for themselves.

Getting Onto Our Soap Box

Hand washing soaps can come in bars or liquid, and both are equally effective in cleansing hands and face of dirt and germs. Both varieties contain three essential ingredients:

Oil or Fat: Such ingredients include beeswax, aloe butter, coconut oil, coffee bean or moringa oil, animal fat, palm oil, and shea butter.

Lye: Chemically known as sodium hydroxide and used in bar soap, while potassium hydroxide is used in the manufacture of liquid soap.

Water: As we all know, the chemical compound of this ingredient is H2O.

The chemical manufacturing of soap is called continual processing, or saponification, as was described in the blog, The Chemical Process Of Liquid Soap Manufacturers.  Unified Solutions For Cleaning has a variety of hand soap solutions — from the essential liquid soap to premium lotions and foaming hand soaps available for manufacturing as a private label hand soap.  Additionally, we manufacture our own
brand label, Sanit, liquid hand soap in a variety of fragrances as well as Sanit brand sanitizers — and why we can state that we know the ropes about soap!

Why Choose Unified Solutions For Cleaning

One word: Trust! While a quick turn-around of the products we manufacture matters — at Unified Solutions For Cleaning, it’s not just about getting the job done; but getting the job done right!‘ Unified Solutions For Cleaning associates are trained to provide 100% client satisfaction and nothing less than one hundred percent client satisfaction for any chemical cleaning products manufactured, including private label hand soaps!

We assign a quality control technician to follow the production process from beginning to end to ensure chemical manufacturing standards are maintained. Product integrity is an essential ingredient in all our cleaning products, including private label hand soaps. We use only the highest-grade U.S. raw materials and work with our clients to customize any formula from our already established inventory of soaps. We also offer an in-house graphic design department capable of designing eye-appealing logos and labels for your private label hand soap innovation — at far less cost than the name brand competition! We strive to be an environmentally conscious chemical manufacturer, using organic ingredients whenever possible and recycling incoming boxes.

The consumer, with budgets strained in our current economy, will appreciate the quality, quantity, and cost savings that Unified Solutions For Cleaning private label hand soap provides.

Contact Unified Solutions For Cleaning for more detailed information on what is involved in manufacturing soap for the institutional, industrial, and household market. Consider arranging a tour of our 35,000 square foot manufacturing facility comprised of state-of-the-art packaging and filling and labeling equipment.

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