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Stepping Up To The Plate!

All Unified Solutions For Cleaning blogs speak of our manufacturing facility in Hillside, NJ churning out an impressive number of chemical cleaning products for more than 3,000 clients throughout the U.S. — every day, 24 hours a day!  We fill totes, barrels, five and one-gallon buckets, and various size bottles of cleaning products! Any surface needing to be stripped, scoured, scrubbed, sanitized, or shined — Unified Solutions For Cleaning has the right chemical mixture for each specific material to be cleaned. We are a private label cleaning manufacturer serving retailers of the household cleaning market and wholesale distributors serving the institutional, industrial, and household marketplace. We also offer contract packaging services producing such cleaning solutions as oven cleaners, glass cleaners, laundry care, and dish detergents! In today’s blog, we want to ‘step up to the plate’ and speak of our 17 years of experience as a dish soap manufacturer, making those persons washing dishes, utensils, pots, pans, and glasses in school and hospital cafeterias, nursing home kitchens, private restaurants and households happy regarding a critical area for hygiene: dishes, utensils, pots, pans, and glasses — holding the food!


Noting Differences In Dish Soap Manufacturing

Potato, Pa-taa-to, Tomato, Ta-maa-to . . . dish soap or dish detergent — is there a difference? The answer is yes; there is a difference between liquid dish soap and liquid dish detergent! The difference in a product being called a dish soap or a dish detergent is found in the manufacturing process. Dish soap, or any liquid soap, utilizes a manufacturing process called saponification, aka continual processing. Saponification uses tallow (animal fats), vegetable oils such as palm or coconut oil, and sodium hydroxide (lye) as part of the mixture to a soap product.

A dish detergent is usually composed of various synthetic chemical compounds, primarily known as surfactants, aka surface-active agents. The surfactants are molecules containing a water-loving (hydrophilic) head on one end and water-hating (hydrophobic) tail on the other, bridging the gap between the water base of the solution with the greasy dirt of a surface to be washed clean. Manual dishwashing detergents that do not contain bleach and have a blend of surfactants with near-neutral pH levels are safest in avoiding skin irritations and rashes, produce no toxic fumes, and are environmentally
safe should such detergents go into the sewer system.

Potato, Pa-taa-to, Tomato, Ta-maa-to — it is all the same food product. Dish soaps or dish detergents, both are still soap products. Dish soap is made using natural ingredients, while dish detergent is composed primarily of synthetic chemical compounds, called surfactants. In both the dish soap and the dish detergent, the pH level is essential in ensuring a safe dishwashing experience. Dishes cleaned with the manual dish detergents manufactured by Unified Solutions For Cleaning wash away greasy food stains and brings plates, glasses, and utensils to a residue-free sparkle.


Dish Soap ManufacturingBeyond The Bubbles


As stated in the blog, Understanding Best Cleaning Chemicals For Distributors, those seeking to sell cleaning products need to be aware of what their customers need when getting tiled walls, glass windows, counter and tabletops, and dishes ‘squeaky clean.’ A 1977 advertising slogan spoke of a brand name dishwashing product that brought such a shine to the plate that customers experienced great joy to ‘see their face in the dish.’ The blog emphasized that the ‘magic’ of any effective cleaning product solution and subsequent advertising slogans is in the pH level of the cleaning solution. The pH level is determined by the type and amount of chemical compounds used, which make a solution alkaline, acidic, neutral, or abrasive.

Looking beyond those sudsy bubbles floating up from within institutional or household sinks where the workers and homeowners wipe, wash, and rinse the foodstuff off plates and drink stains from glasses, there shines the work of dish soap manufacturer, Unified Solutions For Cleaning! The detergent dish soap products, containing surfactants and chelators, lift the grit and grime from any plate. The builder chemical element is to maintain proper pH levels. The carrier elements, water and solvents, break down heavily soiled objects, usually found on pots and pans. Dish soap with the lowest-neutral pH level is best for avoiding skin irritations. However, soap tends to leave a residue that hampers a brilliant shine! Whatever the need and wants, Unified Solutions For Cleaning lab technicians perform due diligence to customize any dish cleaning formula to make the kitchen duty easy!

The Routine Of Dish Soap Manufacturing

Just as there is a standard routine to those who stand at the sink, amidst the suds, and wipe, wash, and rinse
the plates, glasses, and utensils to clear them of the remains of a delectable meal, so the professional lab technicians and production associates of dish soap manufacturer Unified Solutions For Cleaning must follow the procedures and protocols set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), state, local, and FDA laws and regulations, and the chemical industry GMP, good manufacturing processes, consistently and efficiently!  This dedication to good practices is the reason for a steady base of client trust across all 50 states of the U.S.  To build upon that trust, we ensure an SDS, Safety Data Sheet, is part of every cleaning product we manufacture!

Contact and contract with dish soap manufacturer Unified Solutions For Cleaning to implement your next dishwashing product innovation! The only limit to bringing your idea to market is your imagination! Our turnkey chemical manufacturing facility, with a state-of-the-art in-house laboratory, certified lab technicians, up-to-date technological chemical manufacturing equipment, trained production associates, and a quality control associate assigned specifically to your project, will handle all other details. Call and arrange a tour of our 35,000 square foot manufacturing facility — and you will quickly understand why Unified Solutions For Cleaning is a trusted industry leader in chemical cleaning product manufacturing.

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