What Are Private Label
Cleaning Products?

Private Labeling Defined

 Our previous blog, What is Contract Packaging, explained that many cleaning supply vendors have taken to having their product formula produced by an outside contractor who follows their business specifications without deviation. Now let’s answer what are private-label cleaning products & how they can benefit your business?

The official definition for private labeling is selling a product that has already been created by a third-party manufacturer and needs only to be labeled, showing ownership by a specific retailer or distributor to retail establishments.

 Private Label Cleaning Products

Private label cleaning products are also known as store label products. They are sometimes mistakenly referred to as a generic label, though not a generic product, as they use the same quality ingredients as their brand-name counterparts. According to ISSA, International Sanitary Supply Association trade group, private label cleaning products are setting record growth! This growth is due, in part, to a recent Nielsen Company report declaring that such products have overcome the stigma that long lingered in the consumers’ minds as to product efficacy and value.

What Retailers Should Know About Private Label

An important consideration for retailers to keep in mind before beginning to market a private label cleaning or personal care product is certification. Certification serves to attest to the authenticity of the product and its quality. Unified Solutions for Cleaning already has some certifications for their inventory of thousands of private-label cleaning products and can certainly guide clients through this critical business authorization process.

Retailer ‘Shelf-Improvement’

For astute businesspersons, customer spending for private label cleaning products is a testament to the quality of those all-important ingredients that break through the dirt and grime of floors, countertops, sinks, and tubs. The once impenetrable brand name product produced by large, faceless corporations with large advertising budgets and ever-increasing costs passed on to retailers who purchase these products, yet make only a thin profit from product price after paying the typical business expenses of payroll, rent, or building mortgage, business insurance, utilities, security, local, state, federal taxes, business equipment, business supplies, building maintenance, and store advertising. No doubt, Private label household and personal care cleaning products can set retailers on the golden path to ‘shelf improvement’ and higher profit margins through ownership of both the manufacturing and marketing process. This proven business practice provides a lower cost and lower-priced, quality product and a steady stream of loyal customers to the retail store that can ‘feed the hunger’ for such.

Why Choose Private Label?

With the 2021 U.S. household cleaner market estimated to be 10 billion dollars according to Global Industry Analysts (GIA), a premier market research company, it is no mystery why merchants are taking the manufacturing reins to their hands to work directly with independent chemical manufacturers as Unified Solutions For Cleaning.  This collaboration of manufacturer and retailer is called ‘in-house’ manufacturing.  It provides the retail outlet the freedom to determine package size, content quantity, product type, and production volume to be produced as they gauge their customer’s buying pattern. The private label owner is also free to determine the product’s prominence with in-store displays and store shelf space to influence customers to buy!

Formula For Success

Unified Solutions For Cleaning has done the bulk of research and development to attain their private label cleaning products, which match up in quality with name-brand competitors in the public marketplace. They would be happy to share their formula for success with retailers also interested in private labeling.

All clients working with Unified Solutions For Cleaning private labeling service can expect:

  • The highest-grade, made in the U.S.A, ‘raw’ material used for formulation.
  • Custom Formulation: Working with certified chemists, a project lead, and a choice of 150 formulations for every possible cleaning or personal care product client has in mind along with the opportunity to modify any formula mixture to client preference: color, fragrance, the measure of ingredients. Product packaging can also be supplied if a client wishes, and a marketing team and graphic designer are available to assist with package and label design.


  • In-House Lab: Certified chemists, the project lead person, and the client work together to achieve a perfect household or personal cleaning product


  • In-House Production Facility: A broad range of state-of-the-art industrial size mixers, automated filling lines with laser label technology to affix labels on one or both sides of packages are ‘at the ready’ for large or small product runs with an impressive 7-day turnaround for customized product formulation out to the public marketplace.


  • Shipping and Storage: A warehouse to hold client’s completed products until ready to be shipped to any location in the United States.

To learn more of the benefits of contract manufacturing, and view firsthand our production facility and our personal product line of multi-purpose cleaning solutions, rug shampoos, glass cleaners, oven cleaners, restroom cleaners, hand soaps, dishwashing soaps, pet care products, and personal hygiene products, you will want to speak with the co-packing chemical manufacturing professionals doing business at Unified Solutions For Cleaning since 2005.

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