What Is Contract Packaging?

Contract Packaging Defined

What cleaning product comes to mind when you hear: The Quicker Picker-Upper? Tough-On-Grease? 99.44% Pure? Kills Bugs Dead? To listen to these advertising slogans probably invokes a picture in one’s mind of the products they represent. In this case, the products are Bounty Paper Towels, Dawn Dish Detergent, Ivory Soap, and Raid, insect repellent.

The best means of increasing sales of a product is ensuring the product ‘sticks’ prominently in the minds of those individual consumers who buy.  In advertising, an easy-to-remember slogan brings the product to mind when at the local market and looking to purchase paper towels, dish detergent, hand soap, and insect repellant. Such advertising also increases the cost of these products!

With the current ongoing emphasis of ‘germ warfare’ targeted to schools, offices, restaurants, and sports stadiums, along with the higher costs for doing business these days, bringing businesses and organizations to call to mind a specific cleaning brand for daily business use requires providing a low-cost yet effective cleaning product.  That said, cleaning supply vendors are seeing the value of outsourcing their work to an outside contractor to achieve the delicate balance of cost-effectiveness with product quality with what is defined as contract packaging agreements.

Contract packaging by a general official definition is using an outside contractor to produce a business supply company’s product — in strict accord to their written specifications. The procedure, also called contract filling, supplies the outside contractor with all the necessary material to complete the product.

Deference To The Turnkey Difference

The large-scale chemical production process at Unified Solutions For Cleaning focuses on the minutest details of contract packaging, aka contract manufacturing, with a ‘turnkey’ single contractor production system that produces the product end-to-end.  This turnkey approach has given Unified Solutions For Cleaning our industry reputation for excellence and quick production turn around and the reason for being one of the national leaders in chemical manufacturing of industrial and institutional and personal hygiene cleaning products, as verified by the Thomas Manufacturing Index (TMX). TMX measures the industrial activity of supply manufacturers in the United States and Canada and is the go-to source for engineers, procurement professionals, and logistic companies.

This end-to-end project process performed at Unified Solutions For Cleaning provides for:


    • Customized Product Formulation: Contract filling requires a client to provide Unified Solutions For Cleaning exact written specifications for the cleaning formula mixture to be produced and the raw materials to create the mix. The client will usually also supply all necessary containers and labels. In these cases, there is seldom a need for any customized product formulation. Of course, if there be the need for a particular type of packaging or label creation, we can provide for such with the contract fill


    • Large Scale Mixing: Our on-site laboratory contains state-of-art industrial size mixers with the capability to mix thousands of gallons of a chemical mixture at any one time.


    • Filling: Our various automatic filling line machines enable us to fill totes, barrels, one and five-gallon bucket containers. Each filling line machine comes with the ability to place a label on one or both sides
      of the containers. In total, we fill 25,000 gallons of liquids daily.


    • Labeling: Perfect ‘pinpoint’ accuracy positioning your business label in the same place on each and every product package using automated laser technology. The labeler can place product labels on containers at a rate of 100 + products per minute.


    • Quality Control: While Unified Solutions For Cleaning values automation and technology, we also recognize the importance of the human equation in chemical manufacturing and focus on our company mission to be the world’s best chemical manufacturer. We place great weight on our trained team of quality control engineers who rigorously check that the client specifications get adhered to end-to-end without deviation.


  • Fast Turn-Around Out To The Marketplace: To ensure our clients’ needs are met with 100 percent satisfaction, we are a ’round-the-clock’ manufacturing operation. Chemical cleaning products filled
    in-house for a client can be completed within 48 hours; customized product formulations are filled within one week.

To learn more of the benefits of contract manufacturing, and view firsthand our production facility and our personal product line of multi-purpose cleaning solutions, rug shampoos, glass cleaners, oven cleaners, restroom cleaners, hand soaps, dishwashing soaps, pet care products, and personal hygiene products, you will want to speak with the co-packing chemical manufacturing professionals doing business at Unified Solutions For Cleaning since 2005.

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