What To Know About Bottle Filling Contract Packaging

Bottle Filling Contract Packaging

What Is Bottle Filling Contract Packaging?


When there is the need to ‘bottle’ that ‘miracle’ formula designed to clean, purge, shine, scour or sanitize — look no further than the experts at Unified Solutions For Cleaning, creators of those detergents, degreasers, and acidic and alkaline formulas, to provide bottle filling contract packaging!

Contract bottle filling is often used in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical manufacturing industries.  The need for hygienic processing and understanding of proper containers for the product to be produced, modern technological filling machines, and staffing expertise are important factors for such a service.

Our recent blog, What Is Contract Packaging, explains how using an outside manufacturer to produce a cleaning product is best to keep production costs low. 

Client companies working with Unified Solutions For Cleaning, a turnkey chemical manufacturer, have access to the most up-to-date technology in automatic bottle filling machines.  These machines have a filling capacity of 25,000 gallons of liquids daily with container sizes ranging between one and five-gallon buckets, totes, and barrels, as well as personal size spray bottles.  Our bottle filling machines can also supply labels to both sides of the container.

The Benefits To Using Bottle Filling Contractors

There are multiple benefits to allowing the complexity of product packaging to be performed by the ‘pros who know’ about the chemical packaging of solvents, surfactants, acids, and alkaline liquids and powders:

  • The first benefit of contract packaging bottle filling agreements is the cost savings in having the outside manufacturer handle the set-up and maintenance of the costly bottling machinery. Such arrangement allows the client company to focus on the core of their business: the product itself and marketing of the product.
  • Another cost-saving benefit to a contract packaging bottle filling agreement is the third-party manufacturing firm providing the storage space for the filled product formula and the shipping of finished product to the marketplace.
  • The assurance of the contract packager’s quality standards meeting industry standards because of certifications such as the official ISO, International Organization for Standardization, quality standard certification.
  • The bottle filling chemical contract manufacturer with chemical mixing expertise understands the safest packaging material for chemical products that can be corrosive, toxic, or flammable in nature. Plastic or glass is the usual container used for chemical solutions that are acidic, alkalis, flammable, bleach, solvents, pure water, or toxic in nature.  The porous nature of plastics can allow strong fragrances within a solution to escape from the tiny holes of the plastic containers.  Additionally, chemicals that comprise the plastic can break down, causing the liquid ingredients, such as bleach, to leach into the bottle package.  The expertise of bottle filling contract packagers at Unified Solutions For Cleaning assist client packaging needs by assessing: the type of ingredients that comprise the product formula, the best bottle container to effectively communicate the products brand message on the marketing shelf, advise the weight of the finished product and the cost of transporting it to market, and advise the safest material to use for packaging your chemical product.
  • Bottle filling contractors are best for those companies seeking economies of scale manufacturing. The economy of scale for using bottle filling contractors offers a client company reduced costs in producing a product needing large volume output.
  • In addition to the above benefits of the use of bottle filling contract packaging agreements, client companies enjoy outsourcing their packaging needs to minimize the risks involved with the handling of the hazardous chemicals part of cleaning product solutions.

The Science Of Bottle Filling

The ‘devil is in the details’ of what is needed to know to accurately bottle fill the detergents, shampoos, sanitizers, and a myriad of household and personal care products, too numerous to mention.  At Unified Solutions For Cleaning, we understand both the science of chemical mixing
and blending of the surfactants, acidic and alkaline ingredients found in household and personal care cleaning products, as well as the science of bottle filling.  

Just a few of those ‘small details’ our trained production associates keep in mind:

  • Fill volumes matching what is stated on the label.
  • Maintenance of supply tank levels to ensure the correct pressure is available for filling of either aqueous (thin) or viscous (thick and sticky) formulas.
  • Maintenance of the piston cylinders on the filling machines, to avoid leaks and less accurate fills.

Bottle filling contract packaging is definitely a science that involves precision accuracy and why smart cleaning supply businesses come to the ‘pros who know’ — Unified Solutions For Cleaning!

Graphic Design . . . And Much More!

The bottle filling contract packager, Unified Solutions For Cleaning, goes beyond bottle filling and labeling.  United Solutions For Cleaning also provides an in-house graphic design team to create eye-catching labels and logos for that discriminating consumer. 


Contact Unified Solutions For Cleaning, offering customized product formulation, high-speed mixing, fast rate filling, labeling, packaging, storage, and shipping services since 2005.  Call for a tour of our manufacturing plant that produces householdinstitutional, and commercial cleaning products using state-of-the-art equipment.

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