Four Advantages of Contract Packaging Cleaning Chemicals

The contract packaging market sector was worth an estimated USD 45 billion-plus in 2018, and experts predict figures will surpass USD 103 billion by 2024. And in a post-covid market landscape fraught with logistical nightmares, it appears that contract packaging services for cleaning chemicals are a promising solution. 

Below, we will provide a clear definition of contract filling and packaging services before highlighting four advantages of a successful contract packaging cleaning chemical structure. Contract Packaging Cleaning Chemicals

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What is contract packaging?

By definition, contract packaging is when one business hires another business to manage product packaging, assembly, distribution, and even storage. This process is also commonly referred to as co-packing. 

How do I know if contract packaging is right for me?

We’ve heard this question a lot. And there are many reasons why. Companies prefer contract filling and packaging marketing structures when they don’t have the equipment, facilities, or skilled labor required to manage packaging and distribution operations. As a result, they hire third parties—like us—to eliminate bottlenecks in the supply chain. 

Why should companies consider contract packaging cleaning chemical solutions?

Our contract packaging products include cleaning chemicals like hand sanitizers, laundry detergents, and industrial process chemicals which usually involve blends as complex as synthetic lubricants or as straightforward as a non-toxic mole repellent. Not to mention, our team of professionals can even blend, QC-test, and fill hundreds of liquid formulations. 

Our full turn-key benefits include: 

  • Mixing: Large scale 
  • Filling: At an extremely fast rate  
  • Labeling: Placement positioning by laser
  • Quality control: Human intervention 

Four advantages of contract packaging cleaning chemicals

As the global market trend shifts in favor of contract filling and packaging strategies, more and more businesses have begun turning to companies that manufacture cleaning products for assistance. Below, our experts lay out four undeniable advantages. 

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Advantage #1: Faster turnaround

If your company is struggling to manufacture high-volume cleaning chemical products on time, this is your lucky day. Our team is on a mission for a faster turnaround, and we work hard every day to circumvent the need for labor-intensive tasks that negatively affect the supply chain. 

Advantage #2: Reduced operational costs

Industry data reports suggest that operational costs for household and commercial cleaning products can be significantly reduced under contract packaging business models. By partnering with the Unified Cleaning on-site laboratory, the need for expensive in-house equipment is avoided, as well as high labor costs. 

Advantage #3: Larger distribution area 

The third advantage of contract packaging for cleaning chemicals is an increased distribution area. Large entities have more resources and experience with international logistics and can cover more ground. Not to mention, items can be shipped (in bulk) overseas before being packed and distributed locally, thereby easing the strain of complicated international logistics. 

Advantage #4: Meet strict packaging regulations with ease 

Any item that doesn’t follow standard packaging protocol poses significant problems for small manufacturers. And the same is true for goods that require specific machinery or even skilled labor. So, for any entity experiencing regulatory distress, a contract packaging marketing structure is most likely the best solution. 

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