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Contract Filling

Who Uses Contract Filling Services

Contract Filling, also known as Contract Packaging, was generally explained in our blog, What is Contract Packaging. The industries that are apt to seek such service from an outsider manufacturer include the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic industry, and, of course, the chemical products industry.  Contract packaging is an excellent method of keeping business costs low and product quality high. Since contract filling means handing off your product’s ‘secret sauce,’ diligent research of specific benchmarks of such a ‘business partner’ is vital.

Attributes Of A Quality Contract Manufacturer

The Association of Contract Packagers and Manufacturers provides significant criteria to consider when hiring a third-party manufacturer to contract fill a product.

Location: The location of your contract packager’s facilities should be near your company to lower the cost of shipping and delivery time.

Experience: Do not be shy in asking what assignments the outside manufacturer has completed that are similar to your project. An experienced contract fill specialist understands the requirements to meet time deadlines. Ask to see client testimonials with regards to similar projects.

Communication: A professional contract packager listens to the needs and goals of their client company and will explain every phase clearly.  The manufacturer should have sound business ethics and honesty since they are handling the intellectual property of the source company’s product formula. The contract packager and client company should have a working relationship built upon trust to enable a long-term partnership that provides the client assistance with new product innovations in the future.

Manufacturing Facility: It is of the utmost importance to visit the manufacturing facility to see that the facility is organized, the equipment is state-of-the-art, there is an adequate number of trained associates to handle production and any difficulties that may arise in production.

Professional Project Proposals: The professional outside manufacturer should write a proposal providing the details of the work project, the services to be provided, the timeframe for project completion, and the fee and fee schedule.

The Contract Filling Process

 The client company should have a realistic attitude regarding the cost of such service relative to supplying equipment, staff, and production facility. Do not select an outside manufacturer of your product solely on price, but keep uppermost in mind that a third-party manufacturer is a partner of your business.

 Any client seeking the intervention of an outside manufacturer should have a clear understanding of the purpose of such services. Common reasons for choosing such service include lack of in-house equipment or expertise or specialized equipment, labor-intensive work required, or a short-term production goal of attaining specific equipment or staff to get the product to market quickly.

The following steps are involved when contracting with an outside manufacturer:

  • A non-disclosure agreement signed to protect the source company’s product formula, raw material formulation, and production process.
  • Consultation regarding any technical considerations, safety, and regulatory compliance protocols.
  • The signing of a confidentiality agreement to protect the interest of the client company.
  • The client company then signs the contract manufacturing agreement. 
  • A contract filling agreement can become a long-term partnership, beneficial to the source company as the outside manufacturer gains a deep understanding of the product. The client should keep in close communication with product production.
  • The product quality is the responsibility of the outside manufacturer. The client company can reject anything not in line with the client’s standards outlined in the agreement.
  • Should the company want to develop new products, the client and outside manufacturer can collaborate to develop the product formula until refined precisely to client specifications. Intellectual property rights retained by the client. The outside manufacturer does not usually get any credit for the final product.

What Our Clients Can Expect

Unified Solutions For Cleaning is the chemical manufacturing leader in producing a broad spectrum of household cleaners, pet care cleaning products, and personal care cleaning products for the retail and wholesale market.

Companies with a cleaning product to produce learn quickly why Unified Solutions for Cleaning is a leader in chemical manufacturing as they see the consistency of service that is provided:

An in-house turnkey production experience that entails everything from the package label design, fast product production turnaround to the market, facilities to store product inventory, and shipping anywhere in the United States.

  • Quality control project leaders that stay part of every assignment end-to-end and certified chemists who ensure that the formula specifications are followed without deviation.
  • A large manufacturing facility conveniently located in central New Jersey with easy access to major highways and Liberty International Airport in Newark, NJ. The facility contains state-of-the-art production technology and trained and experienced production associates.
  • A production capacity of 25,000 + gallons of product mixtures bottled, labeled, and placed to pallets DAILY, ready for shipping.
  • Environmental consciousness.
  • 100% client satisfaction — the reason for our client trust.

The dedication to production efficiency at Unified Solutions For Cleaning enables our contract fill clients the ability to concentrate on the core of their business: sales growth and new product innovation!

Unified Solutions For Cleaning has been producing industrial, institutional, wholesale, and retail consumer cleaning products since 2005. In addition to contract filling services, the Unified Solutions For Cleaning team also provides private labeling services and toll manufacturing services. We also offer custom formulation to assist our clients with their specific product formula needs.  Contact us to arrange a tour of our manufacturing facility and discover the secret to our success — a well-balanced blend of integrity, quality, and value!

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