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United Solutions For Cleaning is a 35,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Hillside, NJ. It is accessible to Routes 22, 24, 78, 80 and the Garden State Parkway, and 3.5 miles from Newark Liberty International Airport. We offer abundant chemical cleaning solutions and are justly proud of the efficiency of our ’round the clock’ turnkey customized product formulation and production of 25,000 gallons of chemical cleaning products daily! In a recent blog, Unified Solutions For Cleaning Private Label Hand Soap, we spoke of our expertise in meeting the growing market demand for hand soaps. Household consumers are increasingly aware of those microbial menaces, commonly called germs, which bring about illnesses of varied types and degrees — mild, moderate, or severe! While our reputation for quality chemical cleaning product solutions has been well established by our seventeen years as a leader in chemical manufacturing, we want our loyal clientele and potential new clients to be aware of another essential consumer cleaning product manufactured by Unified Solutions For Cleaning — private label hand sanitizers!

Hand Sanitizer Market

Unified Solutions For Cleaning is well-versed in the sanitizer marketplace. We sell our own private label hand soaps and sanitizers to cleaning supply retailers and wholesale distributors servicing the household, institutional and industrial marketplace.  There is much to consider regarding what makes a sanitizer worthy of consumer trust. Our recent Sanit blog, The Five Most Trusted Hand Sanitizers, speaks of the 2020 U.S. marketplace being valued at more than two million dollars as per Businesswire, a market research firm. Businesswire projects that the global market for hand sanitizers while dipping slightly in 2021, will reach 5.12 billion in 2025 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 20%.


The Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing Process


The market shelves supply consumers with a dizzying array of hand sanitizers in gel, liquid, sprays, and foam. As important as it is to know what makes for a trusted hand sanitizer, it is equally important to understand what makes for a trusted hand sanitizer manufacturer, as Unified Solutions For Cleaning

Unified Solutions For Cleaning can manufacture hand sanitizers to any formulation our clients wish. However, Unified Solutions For Cleaning professionals will never compromise the quality, safety, and effectiveness of any sanitizer product produced in our in-house lab.  

Alcohol and sterile water are the two prime ingredients used in hand sanitizer manufacturing. However, there are two different types of FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved alcohol to consider:

Isopropyl Alcohol: This ingredient, commonly called rubbing alcohol, is highly toxic and never ingested.  It is derived from grains and plants instead of a distillation process.

Ethanol Alcohol: This also is derived from grains, used in the distillation process to make liquor, and in the liquor distillation process, such alcohol use is, of course, drinkable — but too much will make one very ill.  When ethanol is used in a hand sanitizer, laws require adding chemicals to render it unable to be ingested.  If ingested, one will definitely be made very ill.  Hand sanitizers should have 60 to 70 percent isopropyl or ethyl alcohol to be effective in killing germs. Our private label sanitizer, Sanit, is composed of
70% ethyl alcohol.

Other common chemical ingredients, besides alcohol and water, in the manufacture of safe and effective hand sanitizers include:

  • Carbomers and Crosspolymers: These are chemical compounds used as a thickening agent to create sanitizer gel solutions. Usually a white power, the compounds make up less than 1% of the sanitizer composition. They are typically listed as inactive ingredients glycerin or glycerol.  Their purpose is to enable the sanitizer to spread easily and alleviate dry skin from the alcohol in the product.
  • PH Adjusters: Triethanolamine and aminomethyl propanol are PH adjusters. They are used with the Carbomers and Crosspolymers to achieve a desired gel thickness and proper acidity or alkalinity consistency. If too acidic, the gel will be too ‘runny.’ With too much alkaline PH, the gel is too difficult to pour or pump from a dispenser. PH adjusters are FDA approved and are non-toxic when used in low percentages.
  • Humectants: Don’t let the name scare; humectants are moisturizing agents effective in countering the drying effect of the alcohol in hand sanitizers. These moisturizing agents include vegetable glycerin, vitamin E, chemically called tocopherol acetate, and a consumer favorite: aloe leaf juice. Premium sanitizers will have one or more of these moisturizing agents.
  • Fragrance: While not necessary in hand sanitizing manufacturing, essential oils or natural fragrance oils will make one’s sanitizing product stand out from that dizzying array of sanitizers on the market shelf. Avoid synthetic fragrances as such can bring skin irritation.

What Of Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates?

These chemical compounds should be avoided in hand sanitizer manufacturing or personal care cleaning products.

  • Parabens: Parabens are considered preservatives and have been used as moisturizers, lotions, and creams in skincare products and food for decades. Recent scientific studies, while still inconclusive, have found that the chemical compound known as parabens can alter the endocrines in the body, possibly being a cause of cancer. Unified Solutions For Cleaning errs on the side of caution in all its skincare products and hand sanitizers, avoiding the use of parabens and preservatives.
  • Phthalates: Phthalates are chemical compounds used as softeners in soaps, lotions, and shampoo. Scientific studies suggest that such a compound can disrupt the reproductive hormones in females and cause liver, kidney, and lung damage.
  • Sulfates: If your skin cleanser has a foaming action, it is a good bet it contains sulfates. Sulfates pull dirt and grease from the skin and the natural oils from the skin, which can bring skin irritation.
    A product containing natural or synthetic sulfates should be washed off immediately to avoid skin irritation.

Why Hand Sanitizer Suppliers Choose Unified Solutions For Cleaning

A trusted hand sanitizer manufacturer, as Unified Solutions For Cleaning, is a manufacturer that cares about the products produced, and the clients they serve. With client satisfaction always our number one priority — trained associates guide clientele end-to-end of the manufacturing process: from formulation to product filling, labeling, storage, and shipping. Contact us today to view firsthand our modern 35,000 square foot manufacturing facility with only the most up-to-date manufacturing equipment.

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